Carpentry and woodworking safety equipment

With sharp tools, dust, and chemicals around, here’s how you can protect yourself while during woodworking or carpentry

Safety Glasses

Use safety glasses or face shields to protect your eyes

In between flying splinters, wood dust, and wood chips, eye protection is a no-brainer during woodworking.

Scratch-resistant safety glasses or goggles will protect your eyes from dust and dirt in the air as you drill, file, or cut into wood.

Mesh and polycarbonate face shields and disposable valved or unvalved dust masks are also good to bring along, as they’ll make sure you don’t breathe in any wood fragments or harsh chemical fumes from wood stains and paint.

NoCry Work Apron With 26 Tool Pockets for carpenters and woodworking

Keep all your tools in arm’s reach

One of the hardest things in the middle of measuring, cutting, planing, or filing is reaching for a tool and realizing it’s out of your grasp.

And that split second where you lose concentration while working can put your personal safety at risk.

Stop this from happening by keeping all small tools — from screwdrivers to drills to your phone — in a multi-pocket work apron.

It will make sure you stay focused on what you’re doing. And as a bonus, it will also help keep your work clothes clean

Best carpentry safety products

NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves for carving wood

Keeps your hands and fingers safe with cut-resistant work gloves

With raw wood, splinters, and sharp blades around, keeping your fingers and hands out of danger is essential.

No matter what materials they’re made from, the best work gloves must be made strong and thick if they’re going to protect your hands from sharp, pointy tools and rough surfaces.

Stainless steel cut-resistant gloves with grip dots are a great choice when using woodworking equipment as they stop your hands from slipping when slicing and cutting wood into different lengths.