Dig into your garden

Before you head outside, make sure you have the right gardening safety equipment to protect your hands, face, and knees all day long

Ease the pressure off your knees with gel and foam knee pads

Get into the dirt to plant, prune, and weed without your knees paying the price.

High-quality gel and foam knee pads take the stress off by cushioning your knees like pillows. Letting you work for hours on end without pain, no matter what kind of surface you’re kneeling on. And with anti-slip neoprene straps, you can work as long as you need to without adjusting them every few minutes.

These thick gardening knee pads are also water-proof and easy to clean. So they won’t just stop your knees from getting wet and dirty, but one pair can last you for years.

And with knee pads for men, women, and children available, you can get the whole family to give you a hand.

Pruning and weeding tips and tricks

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work. But not before making sure your hands will be safe.

Have roses, a cactus, or thorny bushes? Pull on a pair of leather thorn-proof gardening gloves before you get started to protect your hands from sharp branches, thorns, and spikes.

Cut-proof and puncture-resistant gardening gloves are a perfect choice if your shears, pruners, or garden scissors could slip while trimming.

What’s more, thick gardening gloves cushion your hands from hard shovel, hoe, and leaf rake handles to stop blisters from forming no matter how long you spend outside.

Best gardening safety products

Protect yourself with safety glasses
and face shields

Your hands and knees are the only things that need protection.

Keep your eyes and face safe from flying splinters, dirt, sharp branches, and long hours in the sun with safety glasses and face shields.

Scratch-resistant safety glasses easily slip on over your regular glasses to keep them safe from damage, while the UV400  protective coating saves your eyes from the sun.

And if you’re doing heavy work, a dual mesh and polycarbonate face shield will stop dust, soil, and wood chips from hitting your face as you work.

NoCry Work Apron With 26 Tool Pockets with Tape Measure Holder and D Ring Loop

Keep all your tools close with a work apron

No more tools falling out of your pockets or spread all over your garden. Keep everything you need within hand’s reach with a multi-pocket work apron.

The best work aprons are made from tear-proof, waterproof canvas to keep your clothes clean and dry as you work, while still giving you the flexibility to move. 

And with durable padded shoulder straps, you can easily carry anything, from pruners to microshears to your phone all day long without their weight dragging you down.