Keep safe with the right PPE gear

Make sure you know how to protect yourself so you can enjoy what you do at work or at home — with the correct PPE safety gear

What PPE really means

Personal protection equipment (PPE) means the clothes and work gear you use to protect yourself from safety and health risks at work, or at home.

Many places contain risks you can’t escape. Working on a construction site, using power tools, working in a factory, or even working in your own garden are just a few examples where there are hidden safety risks.

But with the right safety gear, and protective clothing you can get any job done without fear.

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About OSHA and ANSI standards

OSHA’s list of essential PPE equipment for construction sites includes protection for your eyes and face, feet, hands, head, and hearing.

While OSHA is run by the government, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private body that brings together private and public sector experts, who work together to develop personal safety equipment standards to ensure safety across the country.

And by checking in with these bodies when starting work at a new site, you’ll make sure your workplace meets all safety rules and you’ll be protected well as long as you work there.

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