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MaterialMildew Resistant NBR FoamHD FoamHD Foam
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Sandy T.

Sandy T.

0 ratings

Unlike most kneeling pads, this one from NoCry is made from a dense ight foam sealed between two finishes and is a generous 11-1/4 inches by 7 inches and a full 2 inches thick. One side is very smooth and has some “give” to it so it gently cushions my feet or knees. The other side is a slighly-rough brushed firm finish that provides solid support for my exercise workouts. Remove the punch-out handle section for easy carry and hanging when not in use, but keep that handle section!

Mike M.

Mike M.

0 ratings

This kneeling pad is very comfortable. I took it on so I could use it for gardening. The nice thing is it does come with a one-year warranty. It also gives you a 30 day try out period. If you send them your email with the password on their card that comes in the package, they will give you a 50 day try out period. They tell you right off the bat that the pad is not meant to last forever. That is expected of any product these days. I like the fact that it has a nonslip coating on the bottom of the pad.

Rob S.

Rob S.

0 ratings

After having knee surgery, I’ve come to really appreciate a nice kneepad and this one is excellent. It has a handle cutout but they left the foam in so you can keep it as a solid piece without the hole. This sounds weird, but it’s something I really appreciate because for some reason my knees always seem to find the holes when I’m kneeling. Having the cutout still there prevents this. The kneepad is a little on the smaller side compared to some I’ve used but I think this is a benefit as it fits in tighter spaces. Nice and thick, very durable and the coated bottom really keeps it from slipping. Highly recommend!

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