12 fun and easy summer crafts for kids


Are you looking for inspiration to create some fun time projects for your kids on those long summer days?

Look no further.

Now that school’s out and you’re seeing the kiddos around more and more, we want to help you to avoid from hearing the dreaded “I’m bored” from your kids.

The best way to move them away from the TV, tablet, or their phone, is to tempt them into making and creating things.

Below you’ll find 12 affordable DIY projects — both for inside and out, rain or shine — for you and your kids to enjoy.

Most crafts and DIY projects are ideal for beginners, so don’t worry about skill level or very-hard-to-find materials. Nevertheless, you should always stay close to your children to make sure that everything is fine. 😉

So, let your imagination go full throttle and kick off these awesome projects.

Outdoor Projects

1. Giant Soap Bubbles

After this, your kid will never want to know about regular soap bubbles again.

Giant Soap Bubbles

Image by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Spaceships and Laser Beams shares the ultimate recipe for you to make giant bubbles.

RUN! They’re coming!

2. Rockets. Chalk Rockets

Yeap, you read it right: rockets made with chalk. How cool is that?

Chalk Rockets

Image by Growing a Jeweled Rose

So, take your kid with you as an excuse, and paint the whole pavement with this awesome project. Growing a Jeweled Rose shares all the how-to here.

3. Sponge Water Bombs

Forget about water balloon fights.

Sponge Water Bombs

Image by Endlessly Inspired

You can easily create dozens of sponge water bombs in a matter of minutes and with very low investment.

According to Jenn from Endlessly Inspired, the sponge is better than water balloon:

  • A water balloon may hurt when you get hit with them;
  • It takes a long time to fill the balloons with water, and when they pop they are done. For the sponges, all you need is a bucket full of water to throw them in, and that is it!
  • The sponges don’t spread tiny pieces of rubber all over your lawn. Regular water balloons are bad for your lawn mower, pets, birds and small children.

Enough convincing, let’s cut some sponges. Check the full tutorial here.

4. Bubble Snakes

Another cool version of the traditional soap bubble.

Bubble Snakes

Image by Housing a Forest

Materials and how-to are pretty simple, check them out here.

5. Color Powder Fight

By now you’ve probably seen all those cool shots of color fights on the internet.

Color Powder Fight Project

Image by Dukes and Duchesses

How about throwing a color fight party with your own color powder?

Dukes and Duchesses explain in detail how you can make your own color powder. As this project is a bit different from the others, it takes a little bit more time to make, so plan yourself accordingly.

6. Bird Feeders

If your kids like birds, this is the project you should go for.

Bird Feeders Project

Image by Mom Endeavors

Using simple and easy to find materials, your children can do it pretty much by themselves. Mom Endeavors helps you with the step-by-step here.

After this project is done you will have another pop of color in your garden and everybody will be able to enjoy watching the birds.

“If you build it, they will come!”

Painting Projects

7. Pour Painted Pots

How cool and easy is this?!

Pour Painted Pots Project

Image by Dilly-Dali Art

Even though their name is self-explanatory, Dilly-Dali Art shares the instructions here.

8. Bubble Painting

A cool, easy and different painting technique for you to try.

Bubble Painting Project

Image by Happy Go Lucky

This may be the one that you can save for a rainy afternoon….

Happy Go Lucky blog gives all the instructions here.

9. Puffy Paint

Yeap, it looks so yummy!

Puffy Paint

Image by Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning made a watermelon for a puffy paint, but you can also just mix different colors and come up with something different. Your kid’s creativity is the limit!

Using some shaving cream, school glue and food coloring you are good to go. Check all the instructions here.

Silly Putty x Playdough

10. Homemade Silly Putty

How about a gooey, viscous, squishy homemade silly putty?

Homemade Silly Putty

Image by Paging Fun Moms!

Paging Fun Moms! teaches you how to do it. If your kid is more into Guardians of the Galaxy than Frozen, no problem, just change for the right colors and you are good to go.

It’s so “easy peasy” that even your kids can do it! Check it out.

11. Edible Playdough

It’s incredible, it’s edible, and it just so happens to be playdough!

Edible Playdough

Image by Smart School House

No worries if your kids put a little bit in their mouths…

Check the complete tutorial here.

12. Natural Glowing Playdough

Playdough fun elevated!

Natural Glowing Playdough Project

Image by Fun at Home with Kids

Can you imagine the possibilities of this playdough in a slumber party?

This one requires a little bit of cooking, so it’s better if you’re there to help make it. Fun at Home with Kids explains everything in detail here.

How about you? What is your secret weapon against your kid’s summer boredom? Share your tips and favorite projects in the comments!

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