6 tips for grilling in the winter


It’s cold outside but you are still dreaming of that juicy meat from your grill? Wait! Don’t put that grill away yet. Just because the temprature has gone lower doesn’t mean you can’t start Grilling In The Winter and still fire it up and enjoy the amazing tastes. You can do it year-round!

Just follow these simple steps to combat the weather and recreate the smell and taste of summer by Grilling In The Winter.

  1. Consider moving your cooking area closer to the house for shorter trips out in the cold. Identify the direction that the wind blows most often and try to find a spot that offers the best protection from the blusters of winter. For safety, place the grill no closer than 10 feet from your house and never cook in an enclosed area.
  2. Make sure you have propane in reserve, or a full tank of LP gas. They act differently in cold weather. Depending on how cold it is outside, you’ll use more of what you would typically use to keep the grill at a proper temperature during warmer weather.
  3. Warm it up in advance. Start warming the grill earlier than you would in the summer, bringing the grill up to temperature over a longer period of time than usual.
  4. Use a timer and lift the lid as little as possible. Opening the lid to check on food extends cooking time as the grill loses heat quickly. Also use ceramic cookware for heat retention. It will help you to keep your food at temperature. This is also handy for transporting food to your grill or back inside!
  5. Choose quick cooking cuts and select food with a shorter cooking time. That way you can minimize the amount of time you spend in the cold, Thinner and smaller cuts of meat cook quickly over high heat. Thin steaks, chicken breasts, pork loins grill to perfection in a few minutes.
  6. Store the grill accessories in the house so you don’t have to drill through the snow to find them. Use NoCry BBQ gloves which are perfect for working with grills and offer excellent heat resistance and protection against open flames. They are comfortable and will keep you warm!

Take your grilling to the next level and remember to stay warm!