How to: Choose the right knee pads


There are around 60 000 results for the search term “knee pad” on – that’s a whopping 60 000+ different listings just for knee pads alone. With such an overwhelming offering, it’s clear that finding the right knee pads can get quite confusing. Which are the right knee pads for gardening? Which are the right construction knee pads? Which are the right roofing knee pads? Can you use them in wet conditions? Are they adjustable?

To simplify things, we took on the initiative of creating an easy comparison table between different types, taking into account their protection level, price, features, uses, etc. Now you can choose the most suitable ones in 30 seconds, not 30 hours!

  Gardening knee pads Flooring Knee pads Professional knee pads
Home & Gardening Knee Pads
Flooring & Roofing Knee Pads
Professional Knee Pads
Protection & durability
++ ++++ ++++++
Velcro Slip buckles Slip buckles
Adjustable straps
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
For use on wet surfaces
? ? ?
Foam padding
? ? ?
Gel cushioning
? ? ?
PVC cap
? ? ?
Free returns
? ? ?
Best suited for
home gardening, cleaning, yoga flooring, roofing, cleaning construction, warehouse work, heavy duty gardening, heavy duty cleaning, flooring

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