Gardening gifts for women


Everyone has at least one gardener in their lives. That special someone was blessed with a green thumb, always has a gardening magazine on her table, and can bring anything back to life with the right lighting, the perfect amount of water, and just a dollop of homemade fertilizer. 

Whether they stick to an indoor herb garden and houseplants or prefer an outdoor space, they know that gardening is an enjoyable hobby.

When gardening is a woman’s passion, it can make gift-giving a no-brainer. The best gardening gifts for women never get old for plant moms and soil lovers. There are tons of unique gardening gifts on the market for those who take pride in harvesting their backyard veggies every summer.

Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves

First things first: every successful gardener needs a high-quality pair of gloves. Since this is probably the first tool they grab when they head out to play in the soil, it can make for the perfect gardening gift. 

The NoCry leather garden gloves are made of goatskin and cow leather, making them incredibly durable with a comfortable grip. The long cuffs offer extra coverage, and the reinforced palms and fingers protect hands from sharp thorns and jagged branches of flowers and plants. 

This is a great gift for season gardeners and novice gardeners alike.

Personalized Garden Sign

What in the world do you get for your beloved gardener who already has everything she needs? Get her something she doesn’t need but will love. A personalized garden sign is a beautiful way to let her know you admire her passion. 

This handmade metal sign lets you customize it exactly how you want. You can put your loved one’s first or last name along with the type of garden she has. Choose from various colors and sizes to make it the perfect thoughtful gift. 

Hand Care Kit

Hear me out: technically, this isn’t a gardening tool or accessory. However, seasoned gardeners spend a lot of time using their hands, working their muscles, and getting dirt under their fingernails. She may not treat herself to a lot of self-care, but you sure can. 

The Beautyfrizz citrus nail kit is the perfect way for your loved one to wind down after a long day in the dirt. The gift kit includes a nail file, a buffer block, cuticle oil, and citrus hand lotion – the complete package to pamper those hard-working hands. 

Gardening T-Shirt

Everyone who has a hobby or a passion has a t-shirt to go with it. After all, don’t we all love to show the world the things we hold nearest and dearest in our lives? For some, it’s cats; for others, it’s their garden. 

This gardening t-shirt is nothing short of adorable. It comes in several color options and features a wheelbarrow full of flowers with the words “I’ll be in my office” around it. 

Improved Cuff Gardening Gloves

There’s basically an endless number of gardening gloves on the market, so the plant mom in your life may not even know that she’s missing out on the best. The improved cuff gloves from NoCry are the extra-long leather gloves she doesn’t know she needs.

These gloves, made of goatskin and cow leather, feature super long, adjustable cuffs for coverage up to the elbow. They’re super comfy, very flexible, and puncture resistant. The adjustable cuff lets you tighten the opening to avoid letting dirt and bugs inside your gloves. 

Solar Powered Watering Can Light 

Women love to dress up and decorate their gardens, creating a special place they can be proud of. Help her garden stand out among the rest with this solar-powered watering can light. It’s a stunning piece that lets her enjoy her garden even at nighttime.

This decorative piece is truly a unique gardening gift. The LED lights fill a metal watering can while strands of lights spill out of the spout. The lights are eco-friendly and solar-powered, so they charge during the day and illuminate at night. 

Willow Tree Angel of the Garden

Gardening enthusiasts need tools, seeds, accessories, and dirt, but they can also appreciate thoughtful gifts for the home. 

The Willow Tree angel of the garden figurine is an adorable sculpted angel casually leaning on a garden shovel. This sweet piece of artwork is sure to find a special place in the home of a gardener. 

Personalized Gardening Tools

This gift list wouldn’t be complete without a set of personalized gardening tools. All of the best gardeners eventually end up with a unique set of tools engraved with their name, a catchy phrase, or an encouraging quote. 

If the gardener in your life is still using a cheap, rusted garden rake or shovel, consider getting them a fresh set of gorgeous wood-handle, stainless steel tools with their name on them.  

Home & Gardening Knee Pads

Every gardener knows how rough the hobby can be on the knees, but there’s simply no way around it. If you’re going to dig in the dirt, you have to get low to the ground. 

The home and gardening knee pads from NoCry are the ideal gift for any green thumb owner. These durable pads use dense foams to protect your knees from hard, bumpy surfaces. The adjustable hook and loop straps are easy to easy and provide a snug fit. Weeds don’t stand a chance.

Plus, these knee pads are versatile. While they’re perfect for the garden, they also work well for indoor use, such as cleaning floors and scrubbing the bathtub. 

Personalized Garden Tote

Does the gardener in your life still carry her tools around in a dirty old bag or a hand-me-down tote? Class up her gardening style with a personalized garden tote. She probably insists that her old bag works just fine, but she will light up when she sees this gorgeous, personalized gift.

The tote not only features a personalized floral wreath design and plenty of pockets and space for all her accessories, fruits, and vegetables, but it also comes with three garden tools.  

Plant Themed Dish Towels

If you’ve got a sassy gardener on your hands, these plant-themed dish towels will be the perfect gift. This set of four simple towels features cheeky plant-related sayings and pictures of plants on them that are sure to get a good laugh out of your green-thumbed friend. 

The cotton towels are durable, machine washable, and absorbent. They make the perfect gifts for any gardener’s kitchen, where she’s hopefully cooking up some of her freshly-picked garden vegetables. 

Safety Sunglasses

Gardening often involves working outside in the hot sun for hours on end. Don’t let the gardener in your life squint and struggle in the garden. Get them the NoCry safety sunglasses. 

These safety sunglasses block out the sun and provide up to UV400 protection. The specially designed tinted lenses reduce glare and make it easier to see what you’re working on. 

The no-slip arms and nosepiece ensure the glasses stay in place, even when you’re dripping sweat. And the best part is that the arms are adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit for anyone. 

Harvesting Gardening Apron

The gardener in your life likely has several kinds of buckets, baskets, and bags they carry when it comes time to harvest plants from their prized patches. The problem is that these items can be heavy, hard to carry, and awkward to hold. 

The harvesting garden apron is such a great gift that any avid gardener will love. It’s an apron that serves to protect clothing from dirt, but it features a large pouch on the front. Yes – quite similar to a kangaroo. 

This eco-friendly gift also prevents gardeners from using plastic bags.

The pouch is perfect for harvesting all kinds of plants. It lets gardeners go hands-free during their favorite activity. And when it’s time to empty their produce, they only need to unclip the pouch, and the contents will spill from the bottom into their container of choice. It’s genius. 

SPF Hoodie

Gardeners spend tons of time out in the great outdoors planting and weeding. That means they must have good sun protection to guard their skin from harmful rays. 

But slopping on loads of sunscreen every time you visit the backyard to pick some tomatoes is a massive hassle. Plus, you wind up smelling like a little kid on summer vacation all day. 

This SPF hoodie is a great gift for gardeners. Rather than loading up on sunscreen, your gardener friend can throw this lightweight hoodie over whatever she’s wearing. The cooling fabric is certified UPF 50+ and comes in several gorgeous color options. 

Breathable and sweat-wicking, it’s ideal for warm weather and protects from the sun. Plus, it’s super stylish. 

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds!

What’s a gardener without her seeds? If you know her well enough, you know your green-thumbed friend is hard at work early each spring preparing her beds and sowing seeds. You already know she’ll be on the prowl for her favorite seeds, so why not help her out?

One of the best gifts for gardeners is seed packets. This set of vegetable seeds offers 43 different plants and herbs, from carrots and tomatoes to pumpkins and squash and everything in between. It’s an affordable price and an easy way to let her know you were thinking of her.

Trust us when we say: she’ll be thrilled to plant these seeds.

Gardening and Cleaning Foam Knee Pads

NoCry’s gardening and cleaning foam knee pads make an excellent gift for hobbyists who enjoy gardening, weeding, and other nature tasks. The dense foam pads are highly comfortable and protective, but they remain lightweight. 

With two straps, it’s easy to adjust these knee pads for a snug yet comfortable fit. The ribbed shell is abrasion-resistant and durable for long-term, high-impact use. There’s no need to worry about your knees or the pads when you plant your garden in these babies. 

Pollinator Home

Do you know what plant lovers need besides leafy greens, flowers, and a whole lot of soil? They need pollinators! Pollinators, such as bees, are critical to a healthy and happy garden. While many of us run scared of bees, gardeners welcome them with open arms.

A unique gift to give her is a little pollinator home to attract bees to her yard and ultimately help her garden plants thrive. The cute little hotels attract bees as well as other pollinators like ladybugs, butterflies, and moths. 

They’re also super cute and a beautiful addition to any garden or balcony.

Gardener’s Journal

For plant people, it can sometimes be challenging to keep track of every seed, every plant, every plot, and every variety in the garden. But the Gardener’s Journal is an easy solution to the boggled minds of green thumbs. 

This 108-page journal features a space for free-form notes, ideas, sketches, and more. It also has pages for detailed, structured notes for every plant, whether growing vegetables or growing herbs. 

The paperback version is great for toting around to cafes and bringing outdoors from plot to plot, and the hardcover copy looks stunning on any coffee table. Four different cover picture options let you cater to a gardener’s tastes and style. 

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a hobby, a passion, a commitment, and a lifestyle. For many people, it’s a practical way to provide food for their families. Whether the plant lover in your life is a novel hobbyist or a hardcore farmer, these unique gardening gifts for women are sure to brighten their day. 

Use this list as a guide to finding the perfect gift for your loved one. Between weeding, planting, and pruning, a green thumb will never be happier.