How to: Choose the best flooring for your home (infographic)


There are a few things that ruin the look of a room, an apartment or a house more than flooring that’s worn out and damaged – and not the cool rustic way. We’ve done our fair share of #homeimprovement before-and-after post stalking on Instagram, and seen first-hand how changing just the flooring and nothing else can instantly make a space look 5 times more expensive, as well as visually change the spaciousness of the room.



Changing the floor might indeed seem like quite a grand project to take up both financially and time-wise, but do not let that intimidate you – just research the best and most affordable flooring types for your home, gather enough help, and pick out the right tools and gear. The necessary tools will vary depending on which flooring type you decide to go for, but there’s the essential trio you’ll always need at your fingertips: A measuring tape, a pencil, and flooring knee pads.

The floor in your kitchen or bathroom will probably differ from your living room or bedroom, as each of these spaces have specific characteristics and requirements. When picking out the flooring material for your home, there’s a couple of questions you should answer for yourself when going through the different options:

  • Are you going to be installing the floor in a room where there’s high moisture?
  • Do you have furniture, children, pets, or something else that might easily damage the floor?
  • How much are you willing to spend on the new flooring?
  • Are you willing or capable of installing the particular flooring type yourself?
  • What’s the maintenance difficulty level you’d be okay with?

NoCry Flooring Guide

Which floor have you decided to go for? Do you have any questions or maybe tips that have changed your flooring game? Let us know in the comments below!

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