Knee pads for plumbers


Plumbers spend a lot of time kneeling, and they also spend a lot of time around water. Plumbers must protect their knees from too much pressure and shock. The best way to protect your knees is to invest in a pair of plumbers knee pads. Purchasing knee pads can be overwhelming because there are so many options on the market. 

There are so many knee pads on the market that choosing one can be confusing. Knowing what to consider when choosing the best knee pads for your profession will assist you in making the right decision. 

You must consider the duration of your work day, the type of surface you work on, and the style of the knee pad itself. 

How Does The Knee Joint Work?

Did you know that the knee is the biggest joint in your body? It is true. Walking, running, sitting, or squatting is impossible without the assistance of your knees. The knee joint is known as a hinge joint and allows the leg to straighten and bend in one direction.

The bones and muscles that come together at the knee must be healthy for the knee to move freely and without chronic knee pain. These are the parts that make up the knee joint:

  • Bones: Thigh, upper shin, and knee cap
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Cartilage
  • Tendons
  • Menisci

If either one sustains an injury, the result is pain and mobility limitations.

Why Do You Need Knee Pads for Work?

Plumbers need to use good knee pads to avoid static stress damage. Static stress is when the knee is under pressure for extended periods, causing traumatic or fatal damage to the knee joints. Sustained pressure can damage the cartilage and tissues.

Most plumbing work requires a lot of kneeling and applying pressure to the knees. It is crucial to use knee pads to protect your knees and prevent them from direct contact with hard surfaces.

What Is a Knee Pad for Work?

Knee pads are protective equipment that protects your knee from injury. A knee pad covers the knee so that it does not have direct contact with the surface it is on. The knee has superior protection, but the knee cap has little protection when working on hard surfaces for long hours or uneven surfaces.

When choosing a knee pad, you have to be sure that you select knee pads for work to ensure that you have the proper padding for your entire knee, especially the knee cap. Most knee pads for work have more internal padding than other knee pads. They have some type of foam pad or gel material to provide the knee with a cushion.

Types Of Work Knee Pads

You should not select pads without any forethought or research when buying knee pads. Make sure you speak with someone who works in the medical equipment department so that he can assist you in choosing the best knee pads for plumbers. 

The design is important. You don’t want to buy knee pads aimed at cycling or sports rehabilitation. Explain to the assistant exactly what type of work you do so that he recognizes your need.

If you are purchasing online, you will see many types of knee pads. Read the descriptions of each type of pad to make sure you buy the best knee pads. It is also good to consult with others in your line of work. Ask them what knee pad they use to prevent knee injury. Also, ask what knee pads they have tried that did not offer them the maximum protection they needed.

What Are Different Types of Knee Pads?

Knee pads used for work usually have a polyurethane foam or gel that covers the entire knee circumference. The external part of the pad has an outer shell. You will find construction knee pads for the construction industry workers. There are several types of professional knee pads:

  • Foam
  • Foam and leather
  • Heavy duty professional knee pads

The best knee pad for plumbers is a foam and leather-type pad. The gel foam the entire knee cushion from the working surface, while the leather exterior prevents sliding on wet surfaces.

Our Recommendation

We recommend the NoCry Professional Knee Pads. These NoCry professional knee pads have a soft surface gel core with Eva foam on top of it, followed by a heavy-duty shell. It also has dual straps that are adjustable straps for a perfect fit.  NoCry durable knee pads are designed for hard, slippery, and uneven surfaces.