Tech-Savvy Gardener: 10 Best Gardening Apps You Should Try

Green thumb or not, every help is welcome to make gardening chores easier. Right? Gardening Apps are here to help you with that.

We scoured the web and found 10 of the latest, coolest, and most helpful gardening apps, and compiled them into a list.

There really is an app for everything!

The gardening apps that we found assist you with when to plant, where to plant, and how to manage a proper growing garden. They range from social gardening to landscape design.

Gardening apps not only help you to save time but money as well, so you can use your extra time to start a cool new DIY project, enjoy summer with the kids or simply relax.

Feel like using gardening apps is a bit too high-tech for your liking? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our essential garden tool list.

However, even if you are just starting, there are some gardening apps that will definitely lessen the learning curve and make those first months easier.

So now, let’s get in touch with the greenery through the latest tech!

1. Gardening Companion

iPhone / Free

gardening companion

Whether you’re an experienced gardening enthusiast or a newbie, the Gardening Companion is the place to go: It’s a rich resource with all the gardening information you might need.

It offers thousands of articles on gardening, along with photos and YouTube videos to help you figure things out.

You can even create your own “garden magazine” full of topics relevant to your season and plants. There’s also a journal portion of the app so you can track your progress and share it with others, via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2. Garden Plan Pro

iPhone, iPad / $ 8,99

Garden Plan Pro

The app is a bit expensive but is completely worth the price as it offers a little bit of everything.

It allows you to design your garden from scratch within the app, placing vegetables, fruits, and herbs exactly where you need them. You can add single plants, rows, blocks or squares and instantly see how many plants fit.

On top of that, it comes packed with tons of useful information. There’s full growing data for over 190 plants with thousands of different varieties.

The app also provides advice on how to rotate crops and to plan succession planting, as well as showing you when is the best time to plant and harvest according to your region.

So, the bottom line is that with this app you can definitely make your garden planning and maintenance easy and efficient.

3. Garden Compass – SmartPlant

iPhone, iPad, Android / Free – $3,99 monthly or $ 34,99 yearly subscription

Garden Compass - SmartPlant

Simply put, this app helps you keep your plants alive and healthy!

With a personalized care calendar, Garden Compass keeps you on top of things, even if you’re a novice gardener.

Counting with more than 50 botanical experts from across the world, they help you identify a plant, establish the best way to treat it and even spot pests and the best approach to get rid of it.

A chat feature is also available so you can talk directly with the experts, who will give you their professional advice on your plants.

You get two free starter credits and an extra one per month for you to upload your photos to their experts. A premium membership makes it all the more powerful with product suggestions and curated guidance.

4. My Garden Answers

iPhone, iPad, Android / Free

My Garden Answers

My Garden Answers is THE shortcut to identify and take good care of your plants.

The best part? It’s extremely easy to use.

Just snap a photo of the flower, plant or tree that you want to identify, tap submit and you’ll instantly get the accurate identity of the plant and detailed information about it.

The app counts with an image recognition technology can instantly identify over 20,000 plants and provide answers to over 200,000 commonly asked plant questions.

You can also type in keywords to search for pests and disease advice.

5. GrowIt!

iPhone, Android / Free


GrowIt! allows you to “Garden Socially”, which means you can connect with your friends and neighbors to see what they’re growing too.

It also offers useful information on thousands of different plant types. It’ll help you find the right kind of plant for your needs and location.

Besides identifying plants and gathering tips, a novice gardener might use it to discover which type of plant suits the desired color and the available light in a particular location.

The social networking side of the app enables you to show off your collection and rate other people’s gardens. Users get badges for uploads and can make comments under the photos and easily connect with other gardeners.

It’s also a powerful tool to search for plants that other people in your area are growing – so you can be confident that you’re choosing plants that will thrive in your garden!

This is the ultimate millennial garden experience. Give it a try and have fun!

6. Homegrown with Bonnie Plants

iPhone, Android / Free

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants

Homegrown offers information on more than 250 vegetables and herbs, allowing you to view a series of guides on the best way to grow them.

Besides that, you can track your garden’s progress, such as how frequently you’re watering and feeding your plants. You can also check out the local weather forecast, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Keeping track of your progress will definitely help you next year, as you can see which plants did well and which didn’t do so well.

There are also a ton of articles within the app which will help you learn to grow your veggies and herbs, and have a successful garden.

Bonnie Plants, in case you’ve never heard of them, is one of the most trusted providers of vegetable and herb plants in the US. They have been around since 1918.

7. Landscaper’s Companion for iPad ($9.99)

iPad / $9,99

Landscaper’s Companion for iPad

Even without any landscaping experience, with the Landscaper’s Companion is possible for you to create a gorgeous look for your garden and yard.

You may be an experienced gardener or about to create your very first project, it really doesn’t matter.

This reference guide is divided into 17 different categories of plants that are found in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

There are more than 21,000 photos that accompany the information so you’ll get a really good sense of the plants you are researching.

The information you’ll be able to read up on includes growth rate, water usage, blooming period, sun exposure, its mature width and height, and deer resistance. You can add varieties to your own favorites list and email the information.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can search by its scientific name, common name, blooming period, water requirements, sun exposure, and more. This allows you to find the ideal specimens for your climate and needs.

If you want a more customized approach you’ll need to make the in-app purchases so you can add photos of your plants, keep a list of your plants, make project lists, and notes.

It can definitely help you take that vision that’s in your head and make it a reality.

8. iScape

iPhone, iPad / Free – $ 9,99 full version

Gardening App iScape

Another interesting app for landscaping: iScape helps you design exactly what you had in mind for your garden.

With this app, you simply take a picture of your house, insert some of your favorite gardening plants, and start watching your dream landscape come to life right at your fingertips!

iScape has a pretty much easy-to-use and straightforward design tools so you can create you yard layout in a matter of minutes.

You can click and add a new photo or use one from the gallery for the background image. You can use the “Texture Tool” to add or replace ground covers such as grass, mulch, pavers, stones, etc.

Furthermore, you can add images to your design using the ‘iScape database’.

Even if you are not doing the project yourself, you can show exactly what you want for you contractor. Foolproof project for you to save time and money!

And, of course, you can save and share your design via Camera Roll, Facebook, or Email. When you share it, the app will provide the entire list of all the elements that you used, making even shopping easier.

9. FerMix

iPhone, iPad / Free

Gardening App Fermix

Did you know that mixing fertilizer yourself can reduce the cost of fertilizer per crop around 30%-50%?

Fermix brings you a simple to use and easy to understand solution.

You just need to fill the N-P-K value you want and click calculate. The application will show proportion of Urea, (Nitrogen) DAP, (Phosphorus) and MOP (Potassium).

Fermix helps you figure out what nutrients to add to your soil and raised beds for optimal growing conditions.

10. BeeSmart

iPhone/ Free

Gardening App BeeSmart

Plant a garden that butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees will love as much as you do!

BeeSmart is an easy guide from Pollinator Partnership that helps you figure what bee-friendly plants are appropriate for your climate. You just need to add your zip code.

The app includes nearly 1,000 pollinator-friendly native plants database to help users no matter the type of landscape in which you are operating.Android

Filter your plants by what pollinators you want to attract, light and soil requirements, bloom color, and plant type; you can also add in preference for color and annual versus perennial.

So, why is this app super duper important? In case you don’t know, bees are going extinct….

Some species have seen a 90% decline in their populations over the last decade. Without the actions of pollinators agricultural economies, our food supply, and surrounding landscapes would collapse.

Check BeeSmart if you’re all about doing whatever you can to keep bees happy and healthy! 😉

And now, over to you.

Do you have particular Gardening apps that you like to use? Leave a comment below and let us know which is your favorite and why!

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