The BBQ safety gear you need during grilling season


Barbequing is practically an American tradition, especially come the warm months of summer grilling season. The food is exceptional, but it’s also a social experience, with families and friends gathered around grills and smokers. 

And while grilling is a common pastime, most people don’t realize that it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. 

Over 16,000 people go to the ER every year with grilling injuries, which range from minor to severe. A third of these injuries come from kids bumping or touching the grill, and two thirds come from adults. 

The right barbeque safety equipment and usage guidelines are essential to ensuring that you and your family all stay safe during the grilling season. Let’s take a look at the BBQ safety gear you need and the safety tips you’ll want to remember. 

1. Cut Resistant Gloves 

Whether you’re using a mandolin to slice perfectly-thin potato wedges or butchering meat to toss onto the grill, it’s easy for a gorgeous day of barbequing to take a nasty turn thanks to a nasty cut. 

The last thing you want to do is to send your guests home early (and hungry) because you need to go get stitches on a busy weekend. 

Cut-proof cut resistant gloves

The good news is that stitch-worthy cuts are easily avoided with quality cut-resistant gloves. 

These cut resistant gloves (which are available in six sizes) are food-grade safe, and are made from glass fiber, Spandex, and molecular weight polyethylene to give you 4x more protection than leather work gloves.

2. An Apron & Organizer 

Aprons aren’t only to protect your clothes from the splattering grease that can be popping off of burgers when you’re grilling; they can also help keep you organized.

The last thing you want to do is to set your phone on the edge of the grill where it could overheat or even be knocked into the flames, or to leave your spatula on a dirty surface that could contaminate the food. 

An apron-organizer combo can keep everything on hand right where you need it, giving you quick access to your grilling tools without anything getting in the way. 

This apron is an excellent choice; even though it’s still adjustable, there aren’t a ton of strings attached that could easily catch fire near a grill. 

NoCry Work Apron With 26 Tool Pockets for grilling and BBQ

It also has a total of 26 tool pockets, it’s waterproof, and it’s both abrasion-and-tear-resistant, and there are padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. 

3. Safety Glasses 

While you may not exactly associate grilling some ribs with safety glasses, there’s definitely a time and place for them.

If you’re working with anything on the grill that’s causing hot, popping grease or liquids, you’ll want to protect your eyes. And if you’re dealing with charcoal grills that could cause ash residue to get in your eyes when using or cleaning it, safety goggles can be huge asset.

safety glasses for BBQ season

These safety glasses are adjustable, anti-fog, anti-scratch, and protect against UV. They minimize distortion, and are shaped to protect your eyes without sacrificing comfort.

4. Barbeque Gloves 

Burns are one of the most common injuries that come from barbequing, and they can be severe. 

Prevent intense burns (and even just having your arm hair singed off) with specially-designed barbeque gloves, which are heat resistant. You’ll be protected even as you reach to the back of the grill, making it easier for you to handle hot items and a full grill so you can feed everyone at the same time.

These BBQ gloves double as welding gloves, so you know they’re good for protection. They’re heat-resistant split cowhide with an interior fleece lining for comfort, and go up 18 inches to protect your forearms in addition to your hands. 

Made to last with kevlar-stitched seams, these BBQ gloves will last for many grilling seasons to come.  

Grilling Safety Tips for a Great BBQ Season 

Safety gear isn’t all you need for an accident-free, injury-free BBQ season. Make sure to keep these safety tips at the top of your mind for a safe grilling season for everyone involved:

  • Teach kids and train pets to stay away from a hot grill. It’s a good practice to teach both to steer clear of a grill when it’s uncovered, giving it a few feet of distance in all directions. It’s best to practice this when the grill isn’t on, but watch pets who may lunge for those tempting burgers when they’re cooking. If in doubt, keep small kids and pets inside while the grill is hot. 
  • Check for propane leaks regularly on gas grills. You can run soapy water along the length of the propane line while it’s open. If you see any bubbles or smell that rotten-egg scent, shut off the cylinder immediately. 
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand at all times. Make sure that everyone knows where it is and how to use it, and that it’s close by the grill. 
  • Always work with a clean grill. Burns aren’t the only thing at risk during grilling season; you can also cause food poisoning if your grill isn’t cleaned properly. 
  • Never keep the lid closed when you turn on the grill. This can cause a build-up of fumes inside, which can become dangerous quickly. 
  • Keep the grill at least ten feet away from the house when in use, and never leave it unattended. This is a good practice even outside of general safety; we don’t want those chicken breasts to burn! 
  • Read your grill’s manual before usage. Make sure you know the quirks of your individual grill, especially if you’re new to the type of grill it is. Moving from a charcoal grill to a gas grill will have different steps and safety guidelines involved. 

Final Thoughts 

BBQ season is one of the highlights of the year, which makes grilling safety even more important. With the right BBQ safety gear and guidelines at hand, you’ll be able to enjoy your time with friends and family without the looming risks of injuries or accidents. Just good company and good food. 

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