Time to wrap it up


So you have bought all the presents but don’t even want to think about the ordeal of wrapping them? What if we told you that gift wrapping does not have to involve using all parts of your body, cutting the corner of your mouth with a tape edge from tearing it with your teeth, all while your tears mix with your sweat and drip down on the actual gift? Check out these tips and ideas for some easy but eye-catching gift wrapping.

Get the basics rightAutoptimize

Before going into any details or trying more intricate tehniques, get your basic wrapping skills polished. First up is the tried-and-true method:

Have you seen this mesmerizing video of super-quick gift wrapping in a Japanese department store? It is way easier than you think:

Not all the gifts are perfectly rectangular. Here is a helpful video for packing circular objects:

Get creative

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it is time to spice up those plainly wrapped boxes. Kraft or brown paper is one cool and rustic blank canvas you can endlessly play with. Any „Tim the Tool man Taylors“ in your house? Why not make even their gift wrapping useful with these super simple yet awesome ideas from Cutefetti:

One-of-a-kind, no-strings-attached-wrapping from CAKIES:

Cut slits into a postcard or a printed picture, slip a ribbon through the slits and wrap around your gift- DONE.

You could be the star-wrapper of the night, either in 2D or next level 3D. Check out these tutorials by A Pair & A Spare.

When you’re fed up with basic flat wrapping paper, it’s time to take it to another dimension like these pyramid gift boxes by Line Across:

If you want to make a small gift look bigger, then this bow from Oh Happy Day is your go-to wrapping style:

We could go on forever, but you need the time to ACTUALLY wrap the gifts. If you’re looking for unique wrapping papers, look around in Etsy. And if everything fails, you can always run to the store for a good-ol-regular gift bag.