Don’t go towards the light: Glasses to protect your eyes


We come into contact with light basically the entire time that we’re awake. Between being out in the sun, working at a computer, and relaxing in front of the TV, our eyes are absorbing UV and blue light radiation all day. But what are the risks of being so exposed to this radiation? Is UV light bad for your eyes? Will blue light keep you up at night?

In short, yes, and that’s not to mention the risks your eyes can face when working in hands-on physical industries.

Common Risks to Your Eyes

We’re exposed to UV radiation all the time, with the sun being the primary source of it. In moderation, UV rays are good for us, making us feel energized and providing us with valuable vitamin D. But, overexposure to UV rays is directly linked to skin cancer, and indeed damage to our eyes, being a leading cause for such vision impairments as cataracts and photokeratitis.

It’s impossible to avoid blue light in the modern-day, with screens around us 24/7 from our desktops to our smartphones. While blue light has been linked to increasing our alertness and cognitive function, similarly it can be harmful to us when we’re overexposed.

Blue light exposure causes our eyes to strain, and usage at night is linked to problems with getting proper restful sleep, which is why we are encouraged to stop using screens an hour before bed. Overexposure, much like UV radiation, can lead to cataracts, as well as macular degeneration and even cancer of the eyes.

When it comes to working in construction or any industry of the sort, not only are you exposed to massive amounts of UV rays from working in the sun all day but there are also plenty of ways that dirt and debris can make their way into your eyes.

So how can we defend against these common risks? With a good pair of tinted safety glasses.

UV Eye Protection

Tinted Safety glasses

An obvious form of protection from UV rays is a classic pair of sunglasses, but they don’t offer a full depth of vision, acting more as a fashion statement than a piece of functional safety gear. At No Cry, we have just released a new pair of UV eye protection glasses, so you can protect your eyes from both sunlight and typical workplace hazards with a practical, understated style.

The new glasses are designed with UV 400 protection, blocking out 99-100% of UV rays, while the light grey tint still allows you an uncompromised view of your surroundings. They are also anti-fog, scratch-resistant safety glasses, which minimizes distortion from external factors, and keeps your glasses clearer for longer. With practicality must come comfort, which is why we have made these glasses with a lightweight, ergonomic design, so you can wear them all day without feeling undue pressure on your ears.

If all that wasn’t enough, these glasses are also ANSI Z87.1 certified, meaning they’re tough enough for a day at the shooting range, working on construction projects, gardening, or any other task that might find shrapnel in your eye line. With their wraparound lenses, you can be confident that your peepers are protected from all angles. A versatile, subtly stylish, affordable pair of glasses for the good of your eyes!

Check out the new Tinted Safety Glasses here.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light safety glasses

When it comes to day-to-day protection from blue light you need a good pair of specially made glasses. We have designed some of the best blue light blocking glasses on the market, which we are releasing alongside our new UV blocking variety. These glasses block UV radiation to the same degree as the former pair and also block 100% of blue light from computer screens, TVs, and artificial lighting, reducing the glare from screens at the same time, meaning you can still get a good night’s sleep if you have to work into the evening. 

The glasses are made with special orange lenses, which alongside their radiation blocking effects can be known to help with vision in darker settings. The effects of these glasses can save you from significant eye fatigue, protecting you from detrimental health conditions in the long run.

Their physical design is the same as their UV blocking counterpart, with a comfortable lightweight frame and wraparound lenses making these glasses as enjoyable to wear as they are effective in protection. They’re also finished with the same coating, making them a great pair of anti-fog safety glasses that are equally resistant to scratches and abrasions.

Take a closer look at the Blue Light Blocking Glasses here.

When Should You Wear Them?

We could all stand to protect our eyes from UV rays more, but there are some cases where the practice is utterly essential. You should wear UV blocking safety glasses when:

  • Working all day in the sun.
  • Relaxing all day in the sun.
  • Tanning (naturally or artificially).
  • When driving on a sunny day to block UV reflections off the road and the windscreen.
  • When completing work that produces dirt, debris, and shrapnel (remember, they work as PPE glasses as well!).

When it comes to the blue light blocking glasses, their UV blocking capacity makes them a great choice for any of the former scenarios, but they can also come in handy when:

  • Working in front of a screen all day.
  • Watching a TV, laptop screen, or phone late into the night.
  • Working in a site with fluorescent lighting.

Final Thoughts

Vision is one of our most valuable senses, and when it’s gone it’s gone, so take care of it. Protecting your eyes from UV rays, blue light, and all the other things they can come into contact with is a no-brainer, whether you work on a construction site or from home in front of your laptop. But this protection shouldn’t break the bank, so come to No Cry for eye safety solutions that are stylish, effective, and affordable. Check out all of our safety glasses & goggles here