What makes the perfect PPE glasses?


With many PPE glasses and goggles on the market these days it can be hard to know which ones are the perfect choice for you. Trying to find something that offers comprehensive protection whilst also remaining comfortable and reasonably stylish can be an uphill struggle, so it’s useful to break down exactly what it is you’re looking for from your pair of safety glasses.

1. Full PPE Protection from Hazards

A good pair of safety glasses will provide your eyes with total protection from the hazards you can come into contact with whilst in the workplace, or indeed during leisure activities. Good PPE glasses will instill in you the confidence that your eyes will be protected from the odd rogue flying chip of wood on a construction site, that they won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals in the lab, and that they will be safe from infection when working in the medical field. Similarly, they should offer security from the sorts of dangers our eyes can encounter while cycling, gardening, or spending time at the shooting range. 

But how to tell if a pair of glasses will offer the right level of protection? Look for the certification. In the case of safety glasses you can be confident when making a purchase so long as they are ANSI Z87.1 certified. This means they have gone through a number of tests that assess the level of protection they offer against impact, dust, splashes, and radiation. A pair of safety glasses that have received ANSI Z87.1 certification across these categories can be considered a safe bet for keeping your peepers out of harm’s way.

2. Radiation Protection

Let’s not forget the importance of UV eye protection either. Our eyes are exposed to the UV rays given off by the sun all the time, and the risks are only increased for those of us who work outside. Overexposure to these rays can lead to photokeratitis, cataracts, and even macular degeneration. That’s why it’s important when picking PPE eyewear to also choose a product that works as a pair of UV eye protection glasses. It’s not the most obvious hazard when it comes to PPE, but it’s equally vital when it comes to total security for your eyes.

3. Visibility

It should go without saying that you need a full range of vision on the job, and this can be achieved with clear safety glasses with a protective coating. Being treated with a Vanguard coating can ensure that your safety glasses are as safe and visible as possible, while also increasing their longevity. This protective coating never mists up, making your PPE eyewear into anti-fog safety glasses that are also totally scratch-resistant. Having the Vanguard coating means your glasses will be more resilient to the external factors that can affect visibility, making them safer for use in action, and more reliable for use well into the future. 

4. Comfort

Protection is the most important thing when it comes to safety glasses, but comfort is essential when wearing the glasses for extended periods of time. Too often safety glasses are made from hard plastic frames that can dig into your nose and ears causing discomfort, sometimes even leaving behind marks and bruises when worn throughout the day. Comfortable safety glasses will be lightweight, conform to the shape of your face, and be fully adjustable so you can wear them for hours on end without itching to take them off.

5. Style

The cherry on the cake of a strong pair of safety glasses should be an air of stylishness! If you’re going to be wearing these on a daily basis at work, or out in public for play, you shouldn’t have to feel self-conscious in exchange for protection. Chunky goggles, luminous colors, and large ostentatious frames can attract the kind of unwanted attention that will make wearing your PPE feel like something of a chore. An understated, considered design style goes a long way when it comes to safety glasses.

Where to Find the Perfect Safety Glasses? 

At NOCRY we have just released a pair of safety glasses that tick all the boxes when it comes to protection from hazards and radiation, visibility, comfort, and style, in the form of our new Safety Glasses with Softpad Adaptive Frames.

We designed these Safety Glasses to cover all the bases, so you could find an easy solution to all your eyewear needs in one small package, featuring:

  • Patented SoftPad technology: The frames of these glasses are made from special SoftPad rubber, meaning they are designed to adapt to your face for a tighter secure fit. The arms and nosepad are adjustable so you can wear these lightweight glasses to a point where you can barely feel them.
  • Floating wraparound lenses: The lenses on these glasses wrap comfortably around your eyes for total protection but are also dynamic ‘floating’ lenses, meaning you can adjust the angle to suit your needs.
  • ANSI Z87.1 Certified: These glasses have been put through all the appropriate tests to confirm they’re a perfectly safe option for the workplace, or for more hands-on activities. Protection from shrapnel, liquids, and dust, as well as 99% of UVA and UVB rays, is confirmed.
  • Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch: The vanguard coating on these glasses makes them resistant to mist, fog, scratches, and abrasions. You can wear them with confidence against common hazards that might compromise your vision on the job.
  • Style: These are not loud, chunky, safety goggles, rather these are lightweight, minimalistic glasses that you can wear all day without worrying about how you look.

As you can see, these glasses have everything you need for safety, comfort, and style when forming your PPE plan. But don’t just take our word for it, grab a pair now and see clearly just how great these Safety Glasses with Softpad Adaptive Frames really are, or check out our safety glasses & goggles