The story of NoCry.

How it all started.

Back in ‘14, I, Raino Raasuke (up on the right!) decided it was time to create the best safety gear ever. At the time, the professional gear market was split in two. On the one hand, you had well made but expensive equipment the average person just couldn’t afford. And on the other, you had cheap, poor quality stuff that fell apart in days. There was no middle ground.

Raino Raasuke

Founder | CEO

Our mission.

So I launched NoCry with one thing in mind: to make well made, good looking, reasonably priced gear anyone could buy. And I went for it. Obsessively. Every product was tested. Re-tested. Given the official ‘wolf’ seal of approval. Tested again, just for good measure. This ethic is the reason NoCry is one of the fastest growing safety gear brands on Amazon. (And the best too.)





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Why NoCry?

We thrive on innovation and are obsessed with finding better ways of designing safety gear. Our best products keep getting better as we constantly improve the designs based on your feedback.

We keep pushing quality up and prices down, so that safety stays an affordable right for everyone. It’s a challenge — but over 1 million happy reviews say we’re winning.


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Over the years, we’ve grown into a core team of
20 full-timers with multiple partners and contractors, working from 10+ different countries. Our customer care and warranty enables our customers to return products with ease. We take pride and make sure we’re there for the customer at the right time in the right place. When you choose us, we will always have your back.

Always push harder.

We’re not content with staying where we are. The idea of plateauing terrifies us. That’s why we’re always trying new designs, experimenting with new concepts and materials, dreaming up wild ideas that turn existing products into something unexpected.

Safety is not a privilege.
It is a right.

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Today, we have more than 150 well-designed products, and have been featured in the NY Times, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, Knife Depot, Business Insider and USA Today as well as and UnboxTherapy, proving that our little idea has a big following.

WorkHard. BeSafe.