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Back in ‘14, I — Raino Raasuke, up on the right — decided it was time to create the best safety gear ever. At the time, the professional gear market was split in two. On the one hand, you had well made but expensive equipment the average person just couldn’t afford. And on the other, you had cheap, poor quality stuff that fell apart in days.

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So I launched NoCry with one thing in mind: to make well made, good looking, reasonably priced gear anyone could buy. And I went for it. Obsessively. Every product was tested. Re-tested. Given the official ‘wolf’ seal of approval. Tested again, just for good measure. This ethic is the reason NoCry is one of the fastest growing safety gear brands on Amazon. (And the best too.)





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u003cspanu003eWhyu003c/spanu003e NoCry?

NoCry isn’t just a name — it’s an attitude. It stands for getting things done. For pushing forward. For (literally) building a better future. The wolf in our logo is no accident. Wolves are playful, caring and capable. Most importantly, they look after their packs for life. rnrnOur products — and our business — are built with that in mind. We’re in this for the long haul — creating, innovating, caring.


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A product sale isn’t just a transaction — it’s a covenant. When you choose NoCry, you become a part of our pack. And joining the pack means exceptional service, simple warranty policies, and easy returns. We’ve got your back, no matter what.

Going the extra mile. u003cspanu003eAlways.u003c/spanu003e

Over the years, we’ve grown into a core team of 20 full-timers and multiple partners and contractors, working from 10+ countries. As we grow, we push harder, trying new designs, experimenting with new concepts and materials, and dreaming up wild ideas that turn existing products into something unexpected.

Safety is not a privilege.rnu003cspanu003eIt is a right.u003c/spanu003e

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Today, we have more than 150 well-designed products, and have been featured in the NY Times, BuzzFeed, Yahoo, Knife Depot, Business Insider and USA Today as well as bobvila.com and UnboxTherapy, proving that our little idea has a big following.

WorkHard. BeSafe.