Knee Pads with Enhanced Non-Slip Heavy Duty Cap

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Knee Pads with Enhanced Non-Slip Heavy Duty Cap

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Built for all-day comfort so you can work until the job is done.

You can’t have real protection without comfort. That’s why the thick EVA foam and gel layers cradle your knees and support your joints. With this level of protective padding, you’ll feel like you’re kneeling on a rugged cloud.

Brand new cap for superior comfort, stability and protection.

We improved the tough outer shell by:

Using lightweight, durable and extremely protective thermoplastic rubber (TRP)

Adding “grooves” to improve the grip on wet or uneven ground and reduce slipping

Raising the bottom “lip” to limit rolling and minimize stress on your ankles

The secure, heavy duty protection every professional needs.

These knee pads were designed for professionals: carpenters, construction workers, roofers, plumbers and more. The fully adjustable elastic straps keep consistent pressure around your knees and prevent your pads from slipping. (You can even criss-cross the straps behind your knees for extra staying power.)

Easy to slip on and off in seconds.

Forget about adjusting your straps every time you slip your pads on. Thanks to the buckle clips, you can adjust once and then slip them on or off as needed.

Gear you can trust.

Products that work as hard as you do. Designed for professionals, homeowners, and DIYers who demand high quality at an affordable price.