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Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

$ 13.99

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Technical Details

About Product

Material: Latex-free polycarbonate
Lenses: Clear, with anti-scratch & anti-fog coatings
UV protection: 380nm (nanometers) / Shield your eyes from 90-100% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation rays
Max temple arm length: 5”
Max nose bridge diameter: 1”
Total frame width: 6”
Max frame height: 1.77” in the center
Weight: 0.055lbs

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry Safety Glasses do not work as promised, drop a message to and we’ll make it right or your money back.

Fully adjustable arms and nose piece so you can get the fit just right.
There’s nothing more irritating than constantly adjusting your safety eyeglasses… That’s why we made the arms and nose fully adjustable. This way, you can get the fit just right for your face. And we also made them non-slip for extra comfort and security.

Since these glasses are clear, how do they protect you from UV light?
It’s all about the 380nm UV protection lens coating – the highest industry standard for all UV protection in clear PPE eyewear lenses. This lens coating will shield your eyes from 90-100% of harmful UVA and UVB radiation rays, and will also protect you from UV light emitted by artificial light sources. Bonus: You can use these glasses in extreme conditions either indoors or outdoors, in a freezer or for blowing glass.

Product Description

✔ Protective eyewear built to last.

The strong, durable, polycarbonate wraparound design protects your eyes from direct and peripheral threats. And even though these anti-fog safety glasses have clear lenses —to minimize distortion— they protect you from 90-100% of harmful UV radiation, it's like having clear sunglasses.

✔ Anti-fog and anti-scratch design helps you see clearly for longer.

According to hundreds of customer reviews, these anti-fog safety glasses are so comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing them. Their unique contoured design shape hugs your cheekbone area, and their unobstructed lightweight construction and the soft rubber nose piece let them sit lightly on your face.

✔ Help hard workers like you get the job done.

Who did we make these anti fog safety glasses for? We made them for you: doctors, dentists, metalworkers, construction workers, DIYers, carpenters, chemists, competition shooters and anyone who needs to wear PPE.

Ideal for work and play
Ideal for woodworking and carpentry, metal and construction work, lab and dental work, shooting, cycling, racquetball, or anywhere you need to wear PPE eyewear

How to best keep the lenses in good condition?
To safeguard the protection features of your glasses, and get the best of them, we recommend you gently wipe the lenses with a dry or damp microfiber cloth to clean the sides, ear and nose pieces, and store them in the NoCry protective case (sold separately) when not in use. Avoid using rough cloths or household glass cleaner, as these can scratch and damage the coating, defeating the point.

The sleek stylish design helps you forget you’re wearing PPE gear.
Not to brag, but our safety eyewear glasses are some of the best-looking PPE on the market. With them, you don’t have to sacrifice style for protection.

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