Wrist Guard Hard Design

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Wrist Guard Hard Design

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Product Description


We reinforced the top of these wrist guards with ABS splints to protect against wrist joint injury. And we added additional removable ABS splints in the palm for extra impact resistance. (This extra protection, however, does make the wrist braces bulkier so they’re not meant to be worn under gloves while the removable splints are attached.)


The EVA padding and ergonomic design make these wrist bracegreat to wear all day long. We also added foam cotton lining between the support splints and your wrist for extra cushioning. And we used oxford fabric 600D to let the skin breathe and keep your hands from sweating while still adding enough compression.


These wrist brace use wear-resistant PU leather in the palm area for durability. And the removable ABS splints add extra impact support so you protect your palms. Plus they come in two sizes (for kids and for adults) and are suitable for men, women, and (some) children. (Just check the size chart for sizing help and instructions.)

Technical Details

Product Details

Slip on these comfy wrist guards when you are about to go skating, snowboarding, skateboarding, rollerblading, mountain biking or enduro racing. (Our wrist guards come in a pair: one for your left hand and one for the right hand.)

NB! We stand behind every product we make. If the NoCry wrist brace does not work as promised, drop a message to wecare@nocry.com  and we’ll make it right or your money back.

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Easy to but on and take off
Slipping your wrist brace on is easy. Each guard has three, fully adjustable straps. And the straps have a hook and loop design that makes it easy to get the right fit and to slip them on or off as you need to. (The triple straps keep your guards from slipping and sliding.)

Protect your wrists. (And protect your peace of mind.)
The wrists are one of the most important (and delicate) parts of the body. They need protection. That’s why we built these wrist guards. The ergonomic design takes the natural shape of the wrist and adds support where you need it most.

Unlike most wrist guards on the market that leave the top of the hand exposed, we built in ABS splints that protect the wrist joints. Next, we reinforced the palm by adding removable ABS splints for extra impact resistance. (This way, you get to control the level of protection based on what you’re doing.)

Who said tough, durable protection can’t be comfortable?
Every part of this wrist guard is designed with durability and comfort in mind. We selected the materials carefully. Let’s start with the palm. We made it with tough, durable and wear-resistant PU leather. For the rest, we used rugged and breathable Oxford Fabric 600D to help your skin feel good. Finally, we added a soft, comfortable foam cotton lining between the support splints and wrist for extra cushioning. And we used fine edge processing on the seams to make them extra durable. (Can’t have your wrist guards split at the seams when you’re having fun now, can we?)

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