9 DIY projects to do with your dad


Before IKEA, men used to build things from scratch. Do DIY projects.

The pride of building something never leaves the eyes of the builder, and the sparkle comes out every time that someone is using the item: “Yeap, I made this with my own hands!”

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you, or your dad, have a tiny piece of this “builder” in you, how about making something together?

Do it especially if it has been awhile since you spent some quality time with your old man.

We scoured some great and useful DIY projects that you can make with your dad, from beginner to a little more advanced level.

If the result of the project turns out great, you can even make a little bit of extra money by selling it on Ebay or Etsy.

If not, at least you are going to have an amazing time with your dad.

(N.B. Go ahead and place the beers in the fridge so you can use them for celebrating once you guys are done with the project!)

Ok. Let’s get our hands dirty and do this!

DIY woodworking projects

  • 1. Wooden Tool Carrier

Simple. Sturdy. Manly. What else comes to mind when you look at this?

Wooden Tool Carrier

Image by The Art of Manliness

This is a great product for plumbers, electricians, maintenance technicians, mechanics, etc. Whether professional or hobby, a good tool case is essential for every guy who likes to work with his hands.

It’s a very simple project that needs only 6 pieces of wood. The whole list of materials and the step-by-step tutorial is available on The Art of Manliness.

2. “Hold Everything” Tool Rack

If pop’s garage is full of tools that he doesn’t even remember he has, maybe it’s time to show off all the cool tools and gadgets.

Also, checking everything that he has may give him ideas for other projects.

Photo courtesy of Popular Woodworking

This “hold everything” tool rack is a simple wall-mounted solution that allows you to keep any hand tool visible and accessible.

Also, the versatile hangers are easy to move, so you can rearrange your rack to accommodate newly acquired tools.

And dang, it just looks good!

All the “how-to” can be found on the Popular Woodworking website.

3. Folding Bench Work Table

If your dad’s garage, shed or spare bedroom needs some space, check out this project.

According to Build Something, you can turn an old door into your very own work table, and it’s foldable!

Folding Bench Work Table

Image by Build Something

List of materials and a detailed tutorial are available here.

DIY outdoors projects

4. Paracord Chair

Is your dad an outdoorsman kind? If so, this a perfect project for you two to do together.

What do you think about this good looking, easy, comfy, adjustable and sturdy chair?

Paracord Chair

Image by Instructables / IAMSatisfied

The best part is that he still is going to be able to enjoy this awesome chair during the whole summer!

Check out the instructions at Instructables.

5. Garden bench

More of a bench kind of guy? No worries.

According to The Family Handyman, you can build this one in a weekend. It has a moderate complexity, but who is looking for easy stuff, right?

Garden bench

Image by The Family Handyman

They show in detail how to build it, so it’s strong and durable, using a simple biscuit joinery technique. Check the tutorial here.

6. Lawn Tool Storage

Fabulously Frugal gives a great solution for the awkwardly shaped yard tools that you have.

Lawn Tool Storage

Image by Fabulously Frugal

This a very clever, easy and cheap project that you can do in a day! Amber will walk with you as she shows all the steps here.

C’mon tools, get out of my dad’s lawn! 😉

7. Concrete Fire Pit

Who doesn’t like to sit in the backyard at the end of the day, watch the sunset, enjoy some beers, hot dogs and roasted marshmallows?

If your dad has a cool fire pit like this, of course he will enjoy himself as well:

Concrete Fire Pit

Photo courtesy of ManMadeDIY.com

Even for the more chilly nights of summer, your dad can just hang out outside as much as he would like to.

This version brought by ManMade is made of an affordable, weather-resistant concrete that creates a sleek, modern look. It’s portable but sturdy, and uses gel fuel, making it possible to have a quick 30-minute post-grill-session fire.

It takes a bit of care and proper prep, but this can be made in just a few hours with a very low investment.

Pretty cool, right? Check all the steps here.

DIY garage projects

8. Garage Floor Makeover

After so many years of working in the garage your dad’s floor may look even worse than this one:

DIY Garage Floor Makeover

 Image by Shanty 2 Chic

Usually, garage floors take a lot of abuse from moisture, oil drips, chemical spills and road salt as it ages. So maybe this is the time to make it look brand new.

Shanty 2 Chic helps you with a tutorial on how to apply epoxy to your garage floor. Check out how it’s done here.

9. Garage Storage Cabinet

With this, your dad will be able to store everything that he has! The best part is that you can design the cabinet according to your space.

DIY Garage Storage Cabinet

Photo courtesy of Sugar Bee Crafts

Sugar Bee Crafts helps you with the step by step instructions.

And now, over to you. What were some cool DIY projects that you did with your dad? Share some of those special moments with us!

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