Protection from the everyday: The power of blue light safety glasses


Protecting your eyes is an absolutely essential part of staying healthy. Making sure that your vision isn’t strained and that your eyes get enough rest can be really hard in the modern day, especially when we all spend so long with our peepers glued to screens

Studies indicate that the blue light given off by devices such as our phones, tablets, TVs, and laptops, as well as many common lightbulbs can increase the risk of macular degeneration, a disease of the retina that can affect vision in the long term. Also, it is widely agreed upon that the blue light absorbed from screen time before bed can negatively affect the healthy release of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Similarly, studies have also found that macular degeneration, and an increased risk of developing cataracts is linked to long term exposure to UV rays, the most common source of which is the sun. Simply put, it’s hard to avoid these potentially harmful light sources.

What can we do to give ourselves a better chance of maintaining healthy vision?

NoCry’s answer: Blue light safety glasses.

Short of staying indoors and reading books by candlelight, there are not many ways to avoid blue light or UV rays, but with a pair of blue light blocking glasses you can give your eyes the fighting chance they need to combat this radiation on a daily basis.

Blue Light Safety Glasses: How They Work and Their Benefits

To effectively protect against blue light and UV rays, the best security comes from a pair of light-colored yellow lens glasses. A strong yellow lens (that doesn’t distort vision) helps to totally block out the blue light, as well as providing 400nm UV protection, which neutralizes 99-100% of UV radiation.

Here are some of the ways that these glasses can benefit you:

· When looking at screened technology your eyes naturally have to strain more, due to the shorter wavelengths and higher levels of energy given off by blue light. The yellow lenses also help to sharpen the images onscreen simultaneously as they provide protection from the radiation, saving your eyes fatigue.

· With an effective pair of blue light safety glasses, you can be more confident in the continued use of screens well into the evening, without fear of it adversely affecting your sleeping pattern. Working on a late deadline shouldn’t mean damaging your vision!

· Yellow lenses can also benefit users by increasing visual capabilities in darker or foggy conditions, which they achieve by increasing the contrast and depth perception of your eyes, sharpening images naturally. (Note, these glasses should not be considered suitable eyewear for night time driving)

NoCry’s Own Blue Light Safety Glasses

At NoCry we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality safety equipment, so it would just be plain wrong if we didn’t have our own set of Blue Light Safety Glasses on offer.

However, beyond simply offering protection from blue light and UV radiation, we have designed these to be a comfortable, stylish, and versatile piece of eye protection with a variety of benefits and applications, without being too harsh on your wallet!

Benefits and Uses of NoCry Blue Light Safety Glasses

Now that you know about how blue light safety glasses work, let’s have a look at what makes our brand of glasses such a great choice.

·Not just offering protection from radiation, they also operate as anti-fog safety glasses, and an effective piece of PPE in the workplace. Treated with Vanguard Plus, and an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating on the wraparound lenses, these ANSI Z87.1 certified glasses are just as useful on the building site as they are in front of the laptop. They even make for some of the best eye protection for shooting, whether at the range or on the hunt!

· Stability is the name of the game with these glasses. With the frames made from a SoftPad technology (a special type of rubber), say goodbye to uncomfortable stiff plastic that puts pressure on the ears, and can end up sliding across your face. These glasses are ergonomically designed to conform to your temples and hold on tight to your face.

· They are also designed with an easily adjustable anti-allergenic rubber nose pad that does away with the uncomfortable pressure and ‘nose marks’ commonly associated with glasses and safety goggles. You’ll barely be able to tell when you’re wearing these glasses.

·  Floating lenses stand to make these glasses even more comfortable and effective. With most glasses confined to static lenses, these movable lenses work in conjunction with the flexible frames, and comfy nose pad, so you can make sure your eyes stay in the center of the lens the whole time, and your vision is never compromised by position.

So, as you can see, these glasses are a flexible pair, suitable for any workplace, and comfortable enough to be worn all day! Whether you’re blogging through the night, breaking down timber in the hot sun, or even working as a dentist under UV lamps all day, these glasses may well be the right choice for you.

What Next

If you’re interested in getting a pair of our Blue Light Safety Glasses or want to have a look at what else we have in store, click here to check out our full of safety glasses & goggles. Your eyes are priceless, and once your vision is gone there’s no getting it back, so don’t waste time, and start taking care of your eyesight today.