Face shield fogging up? Stop the fog with these handy tips


When you’re working hard and breathing normally it can be really hard to stop a plastic face shield from fogging throughout your day. While it may seem like a small price to pay for safety and security, compromised vision can lead to a variety of injuries and mistakes in a workplace. Short of buying a specially-made anti-fog face shield, there are a few things we can do to prevent fogginess in our faces, making our working day just that little bit smoother.

Wear a Mask Underneath

You may consider wearing a plastic face shield as an alternative to wearing a mask, however more and more there are studies suggesting that a plastic face shield isn’t a suitable replacement for a tighter fit mask. Thankfully, wearing a mask under your face shield has more than one benefit, also acting as something of an absorber for the hot air and moisture you breathe out throughout the day. Wearing a mask or bandana tightly under your shield will keep as much respiration away from the visor as possible, keeping your view uncompromised.

Keep Your Visor Clean

How to clean face shield? This is a good habit to get into anyway, but cleaning your face shield visor once every few days can be a great way to offset fogging up. Sometimes what we think is fog is actually just dust build-up on either side of the shield, while the presence of respiration will often only exacerbate the kind of visual issues that dust and dirt bring. Make sure to disinfect, wash, and thoroughly wipe down your face shield visor every few days to help in the fight against fogging up.

Use Anti-Fog Agents

When it comes time to wipe off your face shield, sometimes the typical cleaning products and techniques won’t be enough to truly deal with the problem. As stated before, you can purchase a specific no-fog face shield from some vendors, but short of that, you can also use a special anti-fog cleaning agent when getting your wipedowns done. Through doing some research you can find the best anti-fog spray for motorcycle helmets, glasses, or goggles, and granted that it’s suitable for your face shield make and model, you’ll be on your way to clear vision every day at work.

Final Thoughts

Face masks and shields are here to stay, even as pandemic rulings relax and a semblance of normality returns to our lives. In certain settings, face shields and protective elements will feel like a necessity for the foreseeable future, which is why we need to make sure that these shields are as comfortable for ourselves as possible.

By wearing a face mask underneath, regularly cleaning the visor, and using an anti-fogging agent during wipedowns, you should be able to wear a face shield on a regular basis without having to worry about debilitating levels of fog clouding your vision. To check out a range of high-quality face masks, click this link here, and follow through to view the rest of our work and hobby safety solution items.